Hi there!
You've come to the right place to stay up to date with my latest and upcoming news, and releases.
You may have heard of, or read my popular Cedar Tree books, a romantic suspense series, heard buzz around my upcoming new FBI series, Rock Point, or you've already had a chance to browse some of my Portland, ME, novels. If you have, you already know I like to write about 'real' people; characters who are probably not perfect—just like you and me—but are just as deserving of the occasional thrills & chills, and some hot, sweet, sizzling romance in their lives.
My first book, "Slim To None," the recipient of the RomCon “Reader’s Choice” Award for best first book, is a FREE download on all platforms, so if you haven't had a chance to read it, you can do so risk-free!
I love interacting with my readers, whether it be online, via email or in person at one of the author signings I attend, and will do my best to update you on those regularly.
From time to time I will share some exclusive content or snippets of books I'm currently working on, and if there are any interesting giveaways or events on the go, be assured I'll inform you of those as well!

Freya B.

If you would like to know more about my books, please visit my Author Page on Amazon or check out my Website.
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